Technical writing to educate, excite, and persuade

We team up with your technical and marketing gurus to tell a compelling story. The gist: technology helps your customers run the business smarter, win customers — and maybe at the same time do good things for society and the planet.

In continuous operation since 1985, Raider Communications, Inc. is the silent partner behind thousands of demand-generating white papers, case studies, executive blogs, articles, and video scripts. We craft an attention-getting story with a process that respects your experts' time.

Skillful interviewing

A conversational style puts your customers and subject matter experts at ease and elicits powerful testimonials.

Compelling writing

Clear, powerful language and an emphasis on outcomes drive your messages home. We can tailor the style for C-suite or technical audiences.

Industry familiarity

We have written extensively for IT, healthcare, education, government, financial services, insurance, and service provider audiences.

Technical chops

With more than three decades of experience writing about IT, OT, the internet of things, artificial intelligence, machine learning, DevSecOps, automation, cybersecurity, mobility, and other technologies, we know what questions to ask to make your story sing.